Training with Don makes getting into shape comically easy.

Three Ways to Train:


Teletraining, also known as remote fitness training, is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to do fitness.

You can get one-on-one, personalized exercise training with Don over the phone or via the internet. You will learn new regimens, have your current form improved, and get motivated with a little comedic relief on the side.

Don can help you reach your fitness goals no matter where you are in the world. Signing up is easy – press the green button below to get started. Stop making excuses and start training today!

Personal Training

Meet the man behind the mike and get your routine in shape through personalized training sessions with Don Grey. Don can help you meet your fitness goals in a friendly, relaxed environment. Tweak your technique, stretch yourself in new directions, and get the body you always wanted.

This exclusive offer to work in person with Don Grey is open only for the first ten listeners who sign up. You must live in the Metro Atlanta area. To get your name on his list, press the green button and send a message before all the spots are full!

Life Coaching

Imagine the life you always wanted: are you living to that potential, or is there room for your life to be more fulfilling?

Don can help you develop a strategy for wellbeing through fitness and lifestyle counseling that guides you to the life you imagined. Feel better, look better, and live longer by putting proven, powerful wellness methods into practice. Counseling is available over the phone or on the internet; click the green button to schedule your first session!

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What's a Flient?

fli·ent /ˈflīənt/ noun

1. A unique person who is both a fan and a client of Comedy Fitness.

2. A fly individual who is part of the Comedy Fitness inside circle.